Chicago Cops Fired for Killing Black Teen

Will the matter end with internal investigation only?

Chicago police superintendent Eddie Johnson is the third officer to be relieved of his post, following the death of Paul O’Neal.  

The  18-year-old Black teenager from Chicago was shot about a week ago during a stolen vehicle investigation in the city’s South Shore neighborhood .

The cause of his death was a wound to the back, so the  Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office considered the incident a homicide. Johnson was stripped of his powers just hours after the release of the autopsy results. 

Prior to his dismissal, two other officers related to O’Neal’s death  were relieved of duty too.  

It is a victory for the Black community,  though nothing will bring back the life of the teen.

Paul O’Neal’s  murder was as a result of police officers spotting the deceased in a Jaguar convertible presumably stolen. Police said officers opened fire after the driver, identified as O’Neal, sped off.

At the moment police authorities are conducting various forms of internal investigations but one of those has already shown that the body camera of the officer, who fired the lethal shot, was not recording. 

Recently there have been lots of similar cases with body cameras and most of them stink cover-up. Being fired does not sound like a reasonable punishment for murder.  We require a thorough investigation into the matter – killers shouldn’t escape justice.

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