Young Kings Clothing For Empowering Black Youth

Interview with Bambata Hogue. the CEO of Young Kings Clothing, a fashion label designed for young Black men and women.

Young Kings Clothing is a fashion label for young Black men and women that is inspired by the need to empower Black youth, to make them take their rightful place as kings and queens in society. In this edition of Your Voices, we talk to Bambata Hogue, the CEO of Young Kings Clothing, to find out more about the work they are doing to empower our younger generation.


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I participated in the Day of Remembrance of Kings and Queens a few months ago, and I saw that a lot of people like your clothing. Please introduce yourself and the guys at Young Kings Clothing to our readers?

Bambata Hogue
I am the CEO of Young Kings Clothing, and we’ve got a solid team of young guys we work with. We’re promoting ‘queen-ism’ and ‘king-ism’ and realist pan-africanism. At the same time, we’re just pushing culture on the youth.
What is your message for the youth?

Bambata Hogue
We’re pushing culture, knowing who you are and where you came from. Also, knowing the path that we have to take moving forward, especially in times like this where we’re at war in our own societies, in our own neighborhoods. We have to rise up and get organized. That’s what we’re pushing. Pan-africanism and organization.
There is a project on the internet called Young Kings, about the genius of Black people. Do you want people to see any connection with this when they buy your clothing?

Bambata Hogue
Yes. Once a person puts on a Young Kings shirt or any type of material from Young Kings, my vision is for the person to envision themselves as a king or a queen, to know their royal mentality and to know their potential. The more you put that shirt on, the more you’re on that level. When you put on any other type of shirt, you feel some type of way. Therefore, with the clothing that we make, we want you to realize that you are a king or queen.
Did you guys ever work on any other projects for Black youth in the past or alongside this project?

Bambata Hogue
Yes. We had a Young Kings mentoring program a couple of years ago. We got away from it lately, but we’re going to get back to it in 2017. We’ve been putting in a lot of work behind the scenes as far as in the streets and in the neighborhoods. The mentoring program is definitely on the way.

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Talking about next year, can you tell us about your business plans for the upcoming year?

Bambata Hogue
We’re still building. We’re still going to be pushing. We look forward to getting into a few stores but we’re still out here in the streets. This is where we started and this is where we’re going to keep getting it. We’ll keep trying to make a change.
Your clothing look very beautiful. I like some of your amazing designs.

Bambata Hogue
Thank you.
So who designs the clothing?

Bambata Hogue
It’s a collaborative. We have some designers on our team. They try to come up with different types of pieces and what not, but it’s a real collaborative, it’s not just one person. We’re a strong team.
Can you tell us a bit more about the people who work with you? How do you attract the youth to work in Young Kings?

Bambata Hogue
We don’t attract them. Our energy brings them to us. The energy that we give out is a positive vibe, so that vibe brings positive people our way. I see it that we’re not working, we’re just doing what we’re supposed to do. That’s why we’re here. Everybody has to do different things and our thing is to motivate our youth, to motivate our people, taking them to another level. It’s kind of like our destiny, it’s our fate. The thing about it is, out of everything that’s going on in the world, why are we pushing a brand called Young Kings? We aren’t doing anything else except pushing this brand. So it’s really fate. We could be dancing and calling ourselves the Young Kings dance group, Young Kings rappers, but the path we’ve taken is unique and we embrace it. And we love it, so it’s not work, it’s something that we’ve got to do and we learn to do. All this rap, hip hop stuff, all these distractions that get young African American people, we’re just trying to be a different light in a dark world.
In what ways do you promote the business?

Bambata Hogue
Through social media and we’re also pushing these products in the streets.

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Ahead of the upcoming Christmas and New Year season, do you have anything special for people?

Bambata Hogue
Definitely, New Years Eve we’re going to release very unique custom varsity jackets. So make sure you all stay posted on Instagram and other social media, it’s going to be very nice and exclusive. Only a few pieces have been made and they’re probably one of the best pieces we’ve made so far.
Do you have any parting words for our readers?

Bambata Hogue
Africans, let’s get organized and stay focused. Let’s get out of this dark situation and let’s move towards the light.

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