Cop Strip-Search Black Female Driver In Public Over Broken Taillight

“Found no evidence of wrongdoing and the officers released the woman without charges… the woman received only a repair order for her headlight. The search occurred in full view of the street”, the report revealed.

One of the most disgusting and self-humiliating acts is to harass a woman publicly. The police who have no respect for Blacks went beyond their conscience and moral upbringing to strip-search a woman in full view of the street.

The act is an insult to womanhood. The victim’s only offense was that she had a broken taillight. The incident occurred on a sidewalk and led to the officer checking the anal cavity of the woman during a normal Baltimore traffic stop.

As shocking as this incident sounds, it’s just surprising the level of disrespect cops have for even Black women. The victim reported the case to the officer’s department and the officer was given a “simple reprimand”.

Police brutality is seen in diverse ways. One of such ways is what the officer did to the innocent Black woman. While the story is revealing, shocking and surprising, there is a law that immunizes cops against such forbidden acts thereby urging them to undertake such atrocious acts. Such acts are exceptionally done to Black victims.

Down history, several incidents as this very one can be seen. What a shame to the Police Department for their unprofessionalism, lack of working abilities and their racial tricks on people of color!

Only a Black woman can be imagined stripped on the street for everyone to see. What can we do about it? How should we protect our people from this broken system? Let us rise and oppose the oppressors’ rule of the police and call for proper justice regarding this incident.

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