Black Celebrities Add Their Voices: Call For An End To Police Brutalities

Widely acclaimed Black movie director, Ava DuVernay could hardly hold her tears back as she completed work on her new movie, 13th which focuses on the brutalities unleashed on Black people.

Multiple award-winning filmmaker, Ava DuVernay broke down when she heard news about Terence Crutcher’s death. Crutcher had been shot by a police officer in Tulsa though he complied and posed no threat to the officers.

DuVernay’s tears were out of a much deeper concern than many would have thought. She had just concluded her movie on the inhuman practices administered to Black people but the real story seemed not to have ended.

She said that since the killings have not stopped, she sure wouldn’t have been able to feature all the police brutality cases in her movie. She told the daily News that “There will be many people that are missed because it’s not stopping anytime soon.”

DuVernay’s new movie, 13th captures some recent police killing incidents like that of Philando Castile and other similar cases. The 100-minute documented revelation also exposes the flaws in the 13th Amendment of the United States which led to the abolishment of slavery. She also highlighted the effect of the amendment over the last 150 years that resulted in the mass incarceration of Black people.

The much-celebrated Black female director disclosed, “It was definitely an emotional experience making this film — just as emotional as shooting the ‘Bloody Sunday’ scene on Selma, having to call, ‘action,’ and watching people beat each other.”

Nonetheless, her movie has made history again, as it is going to be the first time ever a documentary will be used to open the New York Film Festival.

We must support black celebrities to deliver the message to end police brutality in their various ways. We cannot keep quiet and watch our people die! The message must be spread until we see a change. We appreciate Ava DuVernay for her contribution to the revolution against racism and police brutalities.

Source: NY Daily News
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