Police Officer Who Killed Philando Castile Suspended Again After Returning To Work

Following public resentment, Jeronimo Yanez was suspended again after he was allowed to return to work last week.

Aug. 25,2016


A police officer, Jeronimo Yanez, who is responsible for Philando Castile’s death, was put back to work last week, but as it was met with protests, dissent, and anger from the public, he then was placed back on paid administrative leave earlier this week.

The City released the subsequent statement: “The City of St. Anthony has changed Officer Jeronimo Yanez’s status with the city’s police department. He will now return to administrative leave. The decision to change Officer Yanez’s status was made after reviewing concerns and other feedback from the community. Out of respect to the sensitive nature of the tragic incident and the concerns from the community, the Mayor, City Council and City Manager have decided to make this change. Officer Yanez’s status with the department will be reviewed when the investigation process related to the incident is complete.”

The death of Philando Castile brought about massive protests in the country. Activists requested an independent prosecutor on the case to decide if the officer is going to be criminally charged or not. But, County attorney John Choi has since declined the request. However, Choi’s office hired a private attorney who would act as a special prosecutor to determine whether Yanez will be criminally charged or the case would be handed over to a grand jury to take a decision.

Police Chief Jon Mangseth has remained tight-lipped concerning the details of the shooting, but he went out of his way last week to praise officer Yanez. “He has a real sound ability when it comes to communicating and relating to people,” Mangseth said. “He showed me that he could shine in that public eye. He’s concerned for his future and for his family; this has put him and his family front and center in our metro area, not to mention the nation.”

After killing a Black man in cold blood, the police chief goes ahead to praise the killer cop by saying he has sound ability in communicating and relating to people. Isn’t that just great? Well, I guess killing an innocent Black man shows ‘sound ability to communicate’. It’s absolutely repulsive to see that an officer, who murdered a Black man, was brought back to work, and after the outrage from the public was put back on paid leave. What would it take for him to be dismissed? Instead of going on a paid leave. We hope justice is served at the end of the investigation and the officer is rightly punished.

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Source: The Freethoughtproject
Police Officer Who Killed Philando Castile Suspended Again After Returning To Work

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