Black Boy Turns Passion Into Business To Support Mom

“I just love to bake. It’s fun! I want to buy a house with a pool and a big backyard and a kitchen…,” 8-year-old Jalen Bailey expresses his desire to see his mom happy.

The inspiring story of an 8-year-old Black boy has gone viral since its inception. The Fresno, California native is currently the owner of a successful bakery in the U.S. Jalen’s Bakery is a home-based one where you can purchase all types bakery items; from bread to pastries.

The motivating factor for this young Black boy is to see his single mother happy and comfortable. He said he plans to buy a good and comfortable house where he and his mom, Sharhonda Mahan could live.

Courageous Jalen Bailey apparently isn’t happy to see her mother struggle just to be able to pay bills and cater for him. Also, the small rented apartment where they manage to live isn’t too comfortable for the Black family.

The young Black entrepreneur found his passion for baking while he was still very young. Jalen Bailey used to help his mother during Christmas to bake and give as gifts to others. Soon enough, Bailey could bake peanut butter cookies without any help from his mom at all.

In an interview he granted the People magazine, Bailey said; “I just love to bake. It’s fun! I want to buy a house with a pool and a big backyard and a kitchen, some and my momma can bake and make memories.”

Bailey’s mom realizing her son’s entrepreneurial skills enrolled him in a business workshop for kids where he was appropriately trained. Jalen Bailey learned everything he needed to know about sales and marketing.

Currently, the young Black boy and his mom receive a lot of orders from customers on daily basis. They disclosed that their dream is to supply their products nationally and internationally.
The image of the Black man being full of violence and distraction is absolutely false. Success stories as this are intentionally hidden from the mainstream media just so many could continuously behold the Black man in a negative perspective.

Moreover, the social injustice faced by Black people has to motivate this young Black boy to see to it that her mother gets a good standard of living. The American system is racially biased and we need to stand up against it. Let’s help together to buy a dream house for a Black boy and his mom.

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