CNN Host Schooled By BLM Activist On Ray Lewis’ Misguided ‘Black-on-Black’ Crime Rant

Aaron Goggans: “We focusing on resolving broader issues that create systemic violence, both state sanctioned and intra-community violence.”

Apr. 07,2016


A video of Ex-NFL star, Ray Lewis, ranting about the Black Lives Matter movement and ‘black-on-black’ crime has gone viral on the internet drawing attention from activists and media pundits alike.

Looking to benefit from the attention the video has gained since its posting, CNN Host Carol Costello, attempted to grill #BlackLiveMatter organizer, Aaron Goggans, on the controversial issues spoken about in Lewis’ video.

Unfortunately for Costello, she picked the wrong fight and got schooled by the well informed brother.

In the video, Lewis claims that the Black Lives Matter organization does not pay enough attention to ‘black-on-black’ crime saying that black folks only feel victimized when African Americans are killed by a few rogue cops.

Costello’s effort to call out the organization and Goggans on Lewis assertions was futile as the D.C. organizer emphasized that contrary to general misconceptions, ‘black-on-black’ crime is a “myth” adding that the movement’s focus is on addressing the root causes of systemic violence, both state sanctioned and intra-community.

Costello went further to exhibit her ignorance of the issue by quoting an excerpt from a Facebook post Lewis wrote, in which the intensely passionate, but tragically misinformed former linebacker claimed that slavery was about unity.

Like a professor, Goggans stepped in to give his student [Costello], who surely hadn’t done her homework a final lap of ego crushing wisdom.

Clearly Lewis needs some concussion checkup for not recognizing that the old-fashioned “If Black Lives Matter, then how come they don’t matter when it comes to black-on-black crime?” statement is coined to derail the conversation about systemic state sanctioned victimization of black folks.

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CNN Host Schooled By BLM Activist On Ray Lewis’ Misguided ‘Black-on-Black’ Crime Rant

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