Spike Lee Creates His ESPN 30 For 30 Project About Mizzou Protests

Spike Lee has decided to add the racial inequality protest held by the University of Missouri football team to his project as a way of supporting the movement.

During 2015 fall, the University of Missouri football team was involved in a campus protest. The protest was focused mainly on systemic racial inequality. This protest led to the banning of football activities in the University.

Lists of demands were made by The Legion of Black Collegians and football players associated with the boycott at Missouri. They asked that these demands were met before things got back to normal.

The students went on a hunger strike which led to the University’s system president, Tim Wolfe, resigning. After his resign, the boycott was dismissed.

Director Spike Lee was a special surprise guest at the True/False film festival in Columbia, Missouri.

He watched the documentary made by the students about the Concerned Student 1950 movement on campus. He stated that he was interested in using the footage for his ESPN 30 for 30 project in May as a way of supporting the movement.

His movie, titled “2 Fists Up”, which will be released on May 31 will include the footage of how the University of Missouri football team together with the Concerned Student 1950 organization fought against racism on campus.

Director Spike Lee interviewed and recorded some of the students about the racial equality protest that occurred on campus.

Kendrick Washington, a student activist, represented the students in showing their gratitude towards Lee for supporting the movement.

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