Black Lives Matter Tie Costs A. Edmond His Job

An assistant public defender allegedly lost his job because wearing a Black Lives Matter tie.

Alton Edmon took to social media to claim that the firing was due to his choice to wear a Black Lives Matter tie to the Brevard County public defender’s office.



 “It is accurate to say he was fired. But it was an accumulation of things … the tie had no significance in his firing,” his boss tried to explain.  “People can talk about politics, of course. But there’s a big difference about talking politics and wearing politics on your tie.”

edmond5 edmond2

“This was my way of representing a struggle. It’s very personal to me,” Edmond claimed in return.


It’s upsetting to know that even people supposed to protect the law tend to misunderstand the basic ideas of the movement. A real public defense attorney should be proud to have an assistant wearing a Black Lives Matter tie as a symbol of promoting justice.

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