West Point Clears Black Cadets Who Raised Fists On Photo

Their pre-graduation photo gesture was a symbol of “unity” and “pride”.

About a week ago, 16 Black female cadets were accused of supporting BLM for raising their fists on a pre-graduating photo. Read news here.

According to West Point’s new release on May 10, The U.S Military Academy pronounced that no vindictive “action will be taken after an inquiry concluded that they did not violate any regulations of the Defense Department or Army”.

In times past, the raised fist has been used to signify black power. In view of this, Lt. Gen. Robert L. Caslen, Jr. said, “as members of the Profession of Arms, we are held to a high standard, where our actions are constantly observed and scrutinized in the public domain”. He continued, “we all must understand that a symbol or gesture that one group of people may find harmless may offend others. As Army officers, we are not afforded the luxury of a lack of awareness of how we are perceived.”

However, available proof shows none of these girls intended to support any “anti-white” brutality, instead they wanted to demonstrate unity and pride.

The Black community has faced a lot of discrimination in this country and what these girls did should be commended but not criticized. Because being united and proud of one’s roots is a true sign of patriotism.

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