USA’s Oldest WWII Veteran Richard Overton Celebrates 110 Birth Day

Born on May 11, 1906, meets his 110th Birthday today and we honor and celebrate him.

Richard Overton in his senior age has never lost his optimism and sense of humor, speaking about how he got to live such a long life he says, “Cigars and God. He’s the manager and when he says you go you go and when he says you stay, you stay.”

As most people in his age, he likes to spend his days sitting on the front porch with the cigar and his WWII Veteran baseball hat.

During his noticeable life, Richard Overton has met a lot of famous people, politicians, public officials etc.  And now he gets an innumerous amount of birthday wishes from people all over the world.

Most of the people in America commonly consider WWII veterans as all white men forgetting about the black people’s contributions in that victory. This respected old gentleman reminds us about diversity which actually existed those days in the army.

We are glad to congratulate Richard Overton with his 110th Birth Day and wish him a long, healthy and enjoyable life. Your life is worth celebrating because it has been well-spent in service of this nation. Your service added up to the pieces that made us great.

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