Black Female Cadets Face Criticism For Raising Fists In Photo

16 Black female cadets in uniform raising their fists in a photo were accused of supporting Black Lives Matter movement which may be a violation of a Department of Defense directive that cautions against “partisan political activity” when in uniform.

According to the Army Times, the U.S. Military Academy at West Point New York initiated an intensive investigation into a photo that features 16 black female cadets who are in uniform with their fists raised. Critics say this is a gesture of solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and unacceptable.

“We can confirm that the cadets in this photo are members of the U.S. Military Academy’s Class of 2016,” West Point’s director of public affairs, Lt. Col. Christopher Kasker, said in a statement. “Academy officials are conducting an inquiry into the matter.”

This is ridiculous! It’s really shocking how many people criticize this gesture! You see, Black people stay black even while on duty because they have no two-sided face. On the other hand, everyone knows that black people face racism and many hardships in their line of duty, even if they serve the government.

America needs to understand that ‘Black Lives Matter’ is not a political Party or movement. First Amendment gives room to every individual to express their views even when in uniform, so what is the big deal about cadet ladies raising their fists?

Feels like officials take this matter up because these ladies are black and therefore vulnerable.

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