Bill Maher Called Black Lives Matter Activists ‘F***ing Idiots’

Bill Maher expresses how he feels about Black Lives Matter Movement in an interview on Friday, February, 26.

Maher condemned BLM activists for interrupting Hillary Clinton’s event in South Carolina. According to Maher, the focus of the activist’s ‘ire’ should be on Donald Trump and other Republicans.

“Does this [activist who interrupted Hillary] realize that Donald Trump in South Carolina…20 percent of the voters who voted for Donald Trump disagree with the Emancipation Proclamation?” Maher said, clearly annoyed. “And this is who you’re going after? This is where we start the battle? You f***ing idiots!”

A concerned BLM activist, Ashley Williams Wednesday night held a banner inscripted “We have to bring them to heel.”

In 1996 Clinton referred to Blacks in one of her speeches as “super-predators,” who act without conscience and have no remorse for their violent deeds. The speech to BLM was coded as a language of racism, hence holding her words against her today.

Today, Maher has called the BLM “f***ing idiots” and admonishes them to support Clinton because she is not the problem. What an irony!

Ruffalo Mark who happened to be among the panel challenged Maher’s assertion that activist shouldn’t focus on the Democrats, because “The party that is supposed to be for black people has let [black people] down continuously.”

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