Arizona School Defaced By Racists

A recent incident in Arizona school goes beyond the limits of usual racism.

Hardly a day goes by without a report of a racist incident. We are getting used to hearing racial slurs and seeing racist graffiti but we shouldn’t as the situation might be getting worse. Staff and students from an Arizona school have recently discovered something really worrying.

school1 school5

There was a graffiti located on the outside of the school’s auditorium and it combined racist and nazi symbols and texts. The wall was defaced with words like “white power” and “n****r” and also symbols like swastika. The investigation is ongoing.




“We find the language to be racially charged … the use of a hate symbol to be inappropriate and certainly the language that was used to denote African Americans, truthfully disturbing,” Carlos Galindo-Elvira, regional director of the Anti-Defamation League in Arizona, claimed.


But what happened is not just bad or unpleasant. it shows where racism may come if not timely addressed. Nazis are not just racists, these people can base their hatred on literally anything from hair to personal views and it is very important for the school administration to take immediate and serious measures to guarantee the safety of the students regardless their skin color.

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