Austin Police Violate First Amendment By Illegally Arresting Peaceful Streets Project Organizer

Austin Police Department violated First Amendment right by illegally arresting leader of Peaceful Streets Projects yesterday, April 10, while filming officers harassing a young black man.

Peaceful Streets Project organizer, Joshua Pineda, was arrested yesterday during a street protest by the people of Austin while he was filming the harassment of officers on a black man. At the northeast corner of Trinity and 6th Streets the unnamed black man was seen maltreated by Officer Cameron Staff during the project.

According to Peaceful Streets Projects, Pineda who was busily capturing the ongoing bullying situation was approached by Corporal Richard Mears, who ordered him to move back, even though Pineda was within a legal confinement. Pineda, who knew his First Amendment right and that the order was illegal, continued to film the situation falling death ears to Mears. Corporal Mears then illegally arrested Joshua Pineda.

However, the Peaceful Streets Project is throwing a challenge to the Austin Police Department with immediate effect release the video that Joshua Pineda recorded during the incident as well as the body cameras of the officers to prove Pineda’s innocence.

The people of Austin want to prove Pineda’s innocence as well as making every individual know that Austin Police force are the criminal people in the incident. Pineda’s First Amendment right has been violated, and should be proving to vindicate him. Austin Police Department has waged a war against peaceful activists who are exercising their First Amendment right to film the police.


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