Statistics: People of Color Are More Likely To Be Tased Than Whites

Analysis of Connecticut’s stun gun data shows a huge racial gap in how police tase Blacks and Hispanics compared to Whites.

The first statewide analysis of Connecticut’s stun gun data, obtained from 2015, gives a clear picture of police racial profiling and violence. It reveals that officers excessively use Taser guns on people of color, especially Blacks, and those, who are emotionally unstable.

The study shows that 12 percent of the city’s population are Blacks, of which 30.1 percent have been tased, while only 47.5 percent of the White majority have been tased.

Researchers also state that some police officers refuse to report the use of a stun gun when it causes the death of a suspect. Again, the Black men identified as emotionally unstable were more likely to be tased.

The findings by the Institute for Municipal & Regional Policy (IMRP), also reveal that 111 out of 503 unarmed people, who did not resist police orders, were tased anyway.

Judging by the situation in the country, while all these cases of apparent violation are ignored by the authorities and chiefs of police stations, it is necessary to pursue complaints against the police officers, because they do not hesitate to use stun guns even against people, who show no resistance.

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