Black College Student Finds Racist Graffiti On Bananas

A 19-year-old black student of Warwick found racist message scrawled on her bananas in her dorm.

An investigation is launched into racist graffiti found on bananas of a 19-year-old black girl of Warwick University student, theGrio reported.

Faramade Ifaturoti, the biomedical science student, said that the bananas had inscriptions like “monkey” and “n***a.” “Just entered the kitchen and look at what one of my flatmates has done. I am extremely disgusted,” Ifaturoti Tweeted alongside image of the bananas.

HuffPost UK said the university is conducting investigation toward the incident and assure the culprit will be put the law. However Ifaturoti has expressed her disappointment for the school officials for the fact that it had to take a Twitter escalation in order for them to respond.

This incident has struck most universities in UK to run a national survey about racism dubbed, a “collaborative attempt”, which will gear towards how these acts often happen on campuses and how officials respond towards that.

The rates at which blacks suffer from racism in campuses are excessively rampant. Recently a student was severely slapped by his teacher multiple times. These acts become excessive because government has falling on ‘deaf ears’.

A sound and healthy environment should be created for blacks as well to feel safe and have peaceful mind for studies.


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