Surveillance Video Shows Cop Lied When He Arrested Texas Dad For ‘Pulling’ Gun On Him

Father of two young kids faces felony aggravated assault for what is clearly a false allegation from a police officer.

An off-duty Houston cop’s narrative of arresting a Texas dad in front of his kids for pulling a gun at him twice outside a convenience store is being investigated after surveillance video showed no such thing happened, KHOU reports.

According to court documents, Julian Carmona was arrested by Officer William Wright and faces a felony charge of aggravated assault stemming from the allegations made by the off-duty officer.

Fortunately for Carmona, who has since insisted that he was falsely accused, surveillance video from the store recently made available to the public shows that the cop’s account of what had happened is a total fabrication.

From the video, Carmona, who had pulled up behind Officer Wright, was exiting his truck when his gun fell out to the ground. The officer got out of his vehicle and drew his own weapon at Carmona, as he bent over to pick up his gun.

Carmona then promptly raised his hands up, began apologizing to the off-duty officer and tried to show him his concealed carry license.

He is later seen face-down on the ground being handcuffed in front of his two young kids who were seated in his car.

Officer Wright is also being investigated as he was caught on security camera in the store buying beer prior to Carmona’s arrest.

Officer Wright’s actions did not only put Carmona at risk of a potential prison sentence, but could also have lasting psychological effects on his children who like many other African-American kids have to grow up living with the trauma of seeing their parents humiliated.

Cops seem to possess unimaginable the amount of authority as charges were brought on this innocent black man basing purely on the false allegations of a cop, who was in fact breaking police department regulations.

Such abysmal misuse of power and disregard for the truth goes to prove the point that an independent commission charged with the sole responsibility of investigating crimes committed or allegations made by cops should be setup.

Watch the video below via KHOU:

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