Burn Hillary! Followers Encourage To Join #HillaryClintonForPrison2016 Flashmob

Our followers are going to make their future better and encourage to support #HillaryClintonForPrison2016 flashmob.

How often have you thought about your future in America? Are you really satisfied with such a disgusting attitude to our black community in this country of “freedom”? Not really, right? Well, if you still “have a dream” and if you want to live in a better future you should not be ignorant speaking about the US presidential election of 2016! Everyone knows that Hillary Clinton is a liar and she just needs your black votes and that’s it! You know, if we unite all together against Hillary Clinton and her disgusting policy we will be really able to stop her propaganda.

We get a lot of messages from our followers who hate Hillary and her policy, who think she is a liar and who will never support her! This video was taken by one of them and it really has sense.

Thanks a lot @og_key_locc1_cz_up for her video and thoughts!
That’s what she thinks:
“Can we respect the man who supports Hillary? Nah nah really! Can we support Hillary? No way! I HAVE A DREAM! All A Game…
Die Like A Star…
Living your life playing the game while niggaz starve.. Got In Goin on now…Wish we were there…bring your own rules when niggaz try to play fair…Aint nothing fair in this game of life…You gotta get yours before you lose your life…The game is designed for them to win…Think im lying? Think Again…They already got a number reserved for you ass…Dont be a fool…enjoying their class.. they want u to enroll in they institution…So they can pimp u with their new form of prostitution..
Wake up my niggaz…Get it clear…dont be a slave to the game called fear…u got a mind u gotta use it… Because if u dont… they will abuse it…Dont be victim to their game… learn the rules my niggaz and do the same…Theres a lot more money on that other side…And my niggaz u dont have to run…And u dont have to hide….STOP!”

We hope more and more people will join our flashmob against Hillary Clinton because she is the real enemy of black community, and brave people of color can prove it not only by showing their disgrace to her personality and policy.
JOIN our #HillaryClintonForPrison2016 flashmob and share this message.
The more we act, the more justice we get!


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