We Ask You To #SayHisName

In view of recent tragic events in NYC, it is very important to focus on the victim, not the killer, that is why we ask you to #SayHisName.

“All across NYC!” protesters chanted. “Resist white supremacy!” “Say his name!” they yelled. “Timothy Caughman!” 

A recent protest against alleged white supremacist slaying of a Black man was led by Nelini Stamp.


The attention of the media and general public is chained to the racist killer and that is exactly what he wanted, but it’s Timothy Caughman we need to think and speak about.




“We will not say this man’s name because he wants to be known. Instead we will say Timothy’s name to make sure no one ever forgets Timothy,” Nelini told us and we’ll follow her advice.


march2 march3

Please #SayHisName,  don’t let white supremacists continue terrorizing and killing Black people. Show them their place and say the right name: Timothy Caughman.

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