The “War On Cops” Is No More Than Propaganda

Black aggression towards police never existed as it is believed in the government.

Fear seized law enforcement officers who now anticipate all possible consequences and outcomes of a so-called “Ferguson effect”. After a series of police-citizens encounters in Ferguson resulted in terrible killings, thousands of people took to the streets to protest against police brutality.

Disturbing conversations over the possibility of intense agitation against American police departments have become more frequent. The government warned of a seemingly inevitable backlash from the black population.

However, “war on cops” never happened. The actual crime response appeared to be very weak relative to the initial expectations. In fact, most deaths, registered among police officers, weren’t considered as violent. It means that the significant number of officers died of the variety of causes, not including the use of deadly force.

While law enforcement lost 41 of its officers in 2015, at least 1,200 Americans died in violent encounters with the police. Yet, these figures aren’t likely to be discussed as much.

There’s a countrywide attack on black people who are demonized in the eyes of the nation. That’s the racial police who overuse or misuse the Blue privilege randomly killing insecure people. So, why are those who say “no” to the numerous murders treated like potential criminals?

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