True Story Of Trayvon Martin To Be Told In Full

Many Black people want to hear the truth about Trayvon Martin but only another Black man can tell it to them.

Trayvon Martin’s death which sparked nationwide outrage in 2012 after the acquittal of his shooter has not been forgotten. It has inspired Black Lives Matter movement and many creative activists: writers, painters and singers.

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Now Jay Z has joined the crowd. The famous rapper decided to produce a six-part miniseries telling about Trayvon’s life before and after he was killed by George Zimmerman.



To realize his Jay Z has teamed up with Weinstein Company. No details concerning the starting date for the project have been yet released.


It’s pleasant to hear that Jay Z decided to work on this project, as only a Black man will be able to share the pain Trayvon’s death caused to the African-American community and only a Black man will be able to tell this story without whitewashing the culprit.

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