Pregnant Woman Assaulted By Cops In Front Of Her Kid

Cops raided a wrong home and violently slammed a pregnant woman on her stomach.

“And I told them. I have high risk. I could lose my kid. They didn’t care about that. They still was doing what they were doing,” Zityrua Abraham recollects.

“The doctor said the way that I landed, my body twisted the wrong way ’cause my left side hurts, and I landed all right here on my right side,” she adds.

Zityrua and her family were outside their apartment, and Abraham noticed the police, but all of a sudden they came rushing in. She said the person they were really looking for was in an adjacent building. Nevertheless, the pregnant woman attempted to tell the police that she had an 18-month old child sleeping in the bedroom. However, according to Abraham, they didn’t care, The Free Thought Project reports.

According to Fox News 40, neighbor Robert Carpenter witnessed the assault on her home and her person. “She came this way, the officer grabbed her by her arm and dropped her and where did she land, she landed on her stomach right here, and she rolled over,” he said.

Police officers told her that her mother’s boyfriend looked like a car thief suspect they were pursuing but that has not been confirmed. Her mother’s boyfriend had entered their apartment to get a glass of water just before police stormed in after him.

Officer Matt McPhail with the Sacramento Police Department confirmed the altercation and confusion at Abraham’s address without accepting any responsibility. Even though Abraham has a list of names and badge numbers of police officers involved in the incursion, McPhail reportedly said her claims were not “substantive.”


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