Judge In Laquan McDonald’s Case Changed

Judge Diane Gordon Cannon, assigned to Laquan McDonald's case has a history of being pro-police.

 The Newone repots that the special prosecutor who formally charged three Chicago cops with covering up information in shooting death of  Laquan McDonald moved Thursday to remove a controversial judge with a history of siding with police in cases of excessive force.


Judge Diane Gordon Cannon, who is known for her 2015 acquittal of a police commander charged after allegedly shoving a gun down a suspect’s throat, was assigned to the McDonald case Monday after another judge recused herself, reports ABC7 Chicago.


G. Flint Taylor, an attorney who has been involved in a number of Chicago police brutality cases, praised Holmes’ request to remove Cannon from the case, which sparked protests against police excessive force in the Black community.


I think it was very appropriate for her to file that, given Judge Cannon’s history in being very pro-police officers in cases of excessive force and police misconduct,” said Taylor, who was part of the legal coalition that backed appointing special prosecutors in the Laquan McDonald killing and suspected cover-up.


Special prosecutor Patricia Brown Holmes moved to “substitute” Judge Diane Gordon Cannon on grounds that the judge “is prejudiced” against the prosecution. Another judge will likely be assigned to the case next week, writes the Tribune.


We applaud the bravery of the prosecutor but judging by how long the trial takes the injustice system will still do it’s best to support the criminal officers who serve and protect it.

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