Tragic Controversy Behind Black Man Wearing Hoodie

There is a widespread opinion that a Black man wearing a hoodie is up to no good, but Myles Loftin doesn't agree with it.

“People assume that you see a Black man wearing a hoodie and all of a sudden, he’s a suspect or he’s a target. When most of the time, they’re just people who are trying to get home to their families or just walking down the street minding their business. It’s turned into something negative when it’s just literally an article of clothing,” says Myles Loftin, the creator of the HOODED project.



The project was inspired by the tragic death of Trayvon Martin. Loftin wants to completely change the existing perception of young Black people, the image many whites see on TV and on the Internet.


The photo and video project that features young black men in colorful hoodies you’ll fall in love with at first sight. They are smiling, laughing and making jokes.



This project may be useful for the whites but, actually, we are all tired of trying to argue them out of their racist prejudice. HOODED is important because it can give the positive sense of belonging to a community to many Black men who are lost in this mess of false concepts and discriminating opinions.

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