Meet Mkilla Jones, Starring Hip Hop Artist

Young Black Hip Hop artist already has lots of fans on Youtube and Facebook.

Ricky aka Mkilla Jones has been passionate about Hip Hop music since early childhood. He writes great songs. And in recent years he has worked hard to produce more than a dozen singles, some of which are: Black Lives Matter, Make In Da Love, 4Get Ur Religion.

Anyone, wishing to join a crowd of his fans, is welcome to buy these and many other future hits on Itunes, listen to them through Spotify or home PC, or enjoy watching low-budget though profound Mkilla’s clips on his YouTube channel.

A closed group of Friends Who Like Black BrotherHood Legendz Never Breed Haterz on Facebook unites more than 5,000 people who have already managed to fall in love and Mkilla’s creations and we strongly recommend you to add some to your playlist.

On February 18 all fans of Hip Hop music are welcome at the concert of Hip Hop artists, who (including MKilla) are going to perform their most popular tracks in Charlotte, North Carolina.


And on March 18 we expect to see you at another Hip Hop event in Atlanta, Georgia, called “The Ultimate Birthday Bash” and organized by Situations Media Entertainment.

If you want to know more about Mkilla Jones we invite you to read an interview given by him in October 2016 to our editor Yan ‘Big’ Davis.

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