De Facto: Black Vote Is Not Black Voice

“The American political system was designed to marginalize anyone who is not a white land-owning man. If we have gained any political power as Blacks, it was not while working within this system but by changing the system. Things may be better, but “better” isn’t the goal”- Lawrence Ware.

As the most afflicted race in the United States of America, the time has come and the time is now for us to take a firm position on the politicking of this country. We have been taken for ‘political fools’ for such a long time.

It’s time to make things right. The Republican National Convention is just around, and there is this sort of precarious position many citizens find themselves in, thus, weighing a choice between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. That has led to this much-heard cliché that “our vote is our voice”. In a real sense, voting is important, but in a democracy, our vote is not our voice.

The majority of Blacks were allowed to vote because we influenced democracy in America. Through sit-ins, several hunger strikes and other forms of civil unrest, we were able to influence policymakers to address our pressing concerns as a Black community.

People who say, “Your vote is your voice” imply that we must not only survive the several injustices but must also fix an ‘evil’ system that we did not create.

Black folks, our votes are not our voices. Our voices are our voices. If we march, if we shout, if we engage in civil unrest, if we write and, yes, if we choose to vote, then we are endorsing the democratic process. This November we are to make a choice between  four times bankrupt avanturist and a warmongering “super -predator”.

In the same light, we as African-Americans have been caught up between the devil and the deep blue sea as election 2016 approaches. Neither Trump nor Hillary is really representing Black hopes. But on a more realistic side, we have no other candidates who could have been the saviors of the Black Community.

So then, it is highly reasonable that we conclude that the upcoming elections will be nothing but voting without a choice. “De jure”- there’s a choice, but if you don’t support any of two candidates, you don’t have a choice and that’s an undisputed fact.

It is, therefore, a justifiable deal that every Black American boycotts the elections come November. We recommend that each and every Black focuses on his or her daily business because we don’t stand to gain anything from these white folks with ‘pink noses’.

Let’s not vote come November as this is a major step in our fight against racism, police brutalities and the general injustice meted out on us for being People of color.

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