Hillary Clinton Throws Out Black Man During Rally

Hillary Clinton has barely ended her campaign but she already seems to have had enough of Black people.

A Black man spotted in a white T-Shirt with the inscription ‘Rape’ that has the portrait of Bill Clinton printed on it, was bundled out of Hillary’s Detroit campaign. As the Democratic Presidential candidate addressed the crowd gathered at the ground, the security men moved towards the peacefully protesting man and arrested him.

The video making rounds on social media depict the police officers hitting the Black man to the ground. They manhandled him before whisking him away from the rally grounds.

Clinton didn’t show any concern; neither did she call her security men to order. Rather, she made some very unpleasant comments about the man.

This comes in a wake when Hillary Clinton’s sudden ‘love’ for the Black community has been questioned by many. The former first lady of the United States is known to have pioneered some rules and laws that targeted Black people. Also, it was during her husbands’ tenure of office that many Black teens were incarcerated; one the highest number of incarcerations in the history of America.

Hillary’s gesture towards this Black protester further establishes the claim by many that she is a racist. Hillary Clinton presidential campaign has employed different tactics just to get the nod of the Black people.

This isn’t a surprise at all. Hillary Clinton had done worse things to Black people in the past. She was recently criticized for using racial slurs on Blacks during one of her press conferences in the past.

This is a bad example as a leader because she did violate the freedom of speech of the man. This proves that she lied about all the things she has said. She will stop at nothing just to attain the status of a president. We don’t need desperate power seekers to rule us.

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