Election In The US: None Of Them Is Good For Us

History has taught us that none of the people seeking for our nod in the upcoming election in U.S.A. is good enough for us.

Election polls have established that none of the presidential candidates have the confident of the masses. According to a rating among voters which was carried out by Gallup, Reuters and Bloomberg polls, it came to light that more than fifty percent of the voters did not tick any of the presidential candidates as favorites.

The two political leaders cannot be trusted to handle the affairs of the nation. Clinton is as guilty as the rest of the political leaders, they all have their own selfish agenda in mind. According to the Wall Street Journal and The Atlantic, Clinton helped rescue UBS from IRS but in return of the favor, they paid her husband over $1.5 million. Meanwhile, she had stated that she was against parasitic capitalism practiced by corporations. Also, Clinton made a lot of money out of the Haiti earthquake tragedy. As she sold out a multi-million contract in a form of “donation” to the Clinton foundation.

The American system is run on ‘Neocolonialism.’ According to Kwame Nkrumah’s definition of neocolonialism, it is the final stage of imperialism. African political leaders were used as neocolonial dummies. This stage witnessed the mass incarceration of Black people and it wall efforts to prove that the African-American isn’t capable of handling the affairs of the country. Those orchestrated obstacles were to ensure that the African will never have the courage to challenge U.S. white power.

Not even the election of a Black president could suffice the situation. He was only used as a symbol to create the impression that the U.S. was a democratic nation but behind his figure, were plans to further oppress and terrorize Africans.

The best decision for Blacks is to stay out of the elections in the U.S. because there is no prospective candidate for them. Not even their own Black president could help them enough. The politics in America is nothing but a fraudulent game. Democratic governance does not exist in the U.S.A.

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