Black Man Eating In His Backyard Killed By South Florida Deputies

Gregory Frazier was shot and killed by the deputies after they responded to a 911 call reporting a domestic disturbance involving a man armed with a knife

Sep. 10,2016


Broward County sheriff’s deputies shot and killed Gregory Frazier, 56, after they responded to the victim’s sister, Deborah Frazier’s call reporting a case of a family dispute. Frazier had been arguing with his niece that evening and he had a small, Swiss Army style pocket knife in his hand.

Deborah Frazier expressed her regret for calling the deputies, as it only resulted in her brother’s death. “I never would have called the cops if I’d known this was going to happen,” Deborah Frazier told the Broward-Palm Beach Times. “They just came in and started shooting right away.”

The incident which happened on Saturday night has brought pain to the Frazier family. The deputies have tried to justify killing the innocent man by claiming that they feared for their lives because the victim was holding a knife.

Witnesses stated that the officers arrived when the argument was already over, and Frazier was sitting outside his home in his backyard, eating chicken wings and fries. Frazier’s nephew, Quartaze Woodward, who was present at the scene, said that three deputies approached Frazier and told him to get down to the floor. But Frazier responded, telling them to leave him alone. The deputies repeated the order and got the same response from the victim. They proceeded to shoot him six times and handcuffed him. The handcuffs were taken off after the deputies realized Frazier wasn’t moving and they also tried to resuscitate him, but he was already dead.

It has been reported that Frazier never made any attempt to harm the officers with his pocket knife before he was fatally shot. It remains unclear if the deputies were wearing body cameras during the shooting. Following the Broward County Sheriff’s office policy, the deputies were placed on administrative leave.

Going by the usual ‘excuse’ officers usually use in order to justify shooting an armed person, whereby they always say they fear for their lives because the armed victims lunge toward them. In this case, Frazier made no attempt at all, but he still ended up dead. The deputies have to be punished accordingly for killing a Black man in cold blood.

Source: Pinac be the media

Black Man Eating In His Backyard Killed By South Florida Deputies

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