Black Teen Confronts Officer Who Shot His Younger Brother While Holding A Toy Gun

“I can tell you right now that the gun looked a 100 percent real. A 1000 percent real,” says Major Deron Garrity.

Alvin Colvin’s younger brother, Dedric, was shot in the leg and shoulder by Baltimore police officer Garrity on Wednesday April 27 while holding a spring-air-powered BB gun. Report says that Dedric will be ok.

After the incident, Alvin confronted Officer Garrity asking to explain why he shot his brother. “Your little brother had a gun,” Garrity said.  Alvin further asked, “But if he not pointing it at police, why do they got the right to shoot?” Garrity insisted that Dedric’s gun looked like a real one.

Kevin Davis, commissioner of police, reported that two officers saw Dedric with a basketball in one hand and a firearm in another. They claimed the toy gun was real. Even though, according to witness, Dedric told the officers that what he had wasn’t a real gun and he never pointed it at them, they shot him anyways.

What can a teenager be doing with a basketball and a gun? How can those two things match? Was Deric playing a “Shootingball”?

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