Chicago Cops Caught On Dashcam Laughing While Pepper-Spraying Black Woman

A newly dashcam video released shows how Officers, Michelle Morsi-Murphy and Jose Lopez, brutalized Rev. Catherine Brown in May 2013.

The video gives a detail on what exactly happened the night Brown was beaten and pepper-sprayed by cops as she and her children drove down an alleyway towards their home.

Rev. Brown and the police officers got stocked on a blind curve and she was asked to move back her car. While Brown reached for her driver’s license, the officers jumped out of the police cruiser, approached her yelling curse words and pointed a gun at her head.

They forced her door open and she, being terrified, drove backwards and called 911 for help. After a while, Brown then came to a complete stop. There she was dragged out of her car, pepper-sprayed, thrown to the ground and tortured while her children were screaming in the car.

They beat me down to my underwear, pulled my skirt off me. They beat me with the sticks and hit me with their boots in my head,” she said.

The officers were not disciplined, but Brown was convicted of a misdemeanor charge of reckless conduct for reverse driving. According to the Citizens Police Data Project, “Morsi-Murphy has racked up 19 complaints, while Lopez has 21 on record”. Yet, they go scot-free all the time.

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