Oprah’s Experience in a Town Where No Black People Lived for 75 Years

A fascinating video reveals Oprah’s experience in a town where no Black people lived for 75 Years.

Oprah’s show was only 5 months on Air in 1987. County, Georgia where no black person had lived in 75 years was visited “Straight into the eye of the storm” by Oprah and her crew.

According to report, this Town in the past few weeks has gained a reputation of racism.

An interaction with the residents resulted in diverse reasons why blacks are not to reside in that community.

“There are no ‘Negros’ here; why should they come?” “They asked for it, and they got it. So why are they coming back?” A resident said.

This statement by the resident spelled out a clear history of Blacks, ever happened in the city. This saga between the Blacks and the Whites happened 30 years ago, where all blacks were chased out of the community and others forced to death through violent means.

In the Forum room of Oprah, different perspectives were aired.

“Do you believe that people of other race do not have the right to live here?” Oprah asked.

“Everybody has the right to live wherever they want, so we also have the right to choose white community.” An answer from a resident.

Take a look at the rest of the story in this video.

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