Georgia Officer Beats Homeless Woman

The video showing a Georgia officer repeatedly hitting a homeless woman with his baton forced the PD to reopen her case.

According to The Free Thought Project, Katie McCrary is, is a homeless woman doing whatever she can to survive.

Police were called to the scene of a local convenience store at the corner of Glenwood and Line St. in Decatur last month. McCrary had been propositioning patrons for money. Others say she’s frequently there and may have mental issues.

When the unnamed Georgia officer arrived, McCrary allegedly pushed him and would not follow his commands. That’s when bystanders say he began beating her with his baton.

“Like one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, that’s excessive,” customer Calvin Smith said. “You can see that she wasn’t even resisting arrest. She was probably resisting the last few swings that weren’t caught on camera,” he adds.

“Let go or I’m going to shoot you,” the officer is heard twice telling her after she grabs his baton. People standing off camera are heard telling the woman to “stop resisting.” A woman also pleads with the officer to not shoot.

The disturbing video below gives the full picture of the incident.

The Huffington Post reports that Dekalb County police spokeswoman Shiera Campbell said the renewed investigation is in response to the video appearing on social media over the weekend.

The officer was cleared, following the Internal Affairs investigation,” the police department said in a statement. “Now that the Department has this new evidence we have reopened the investigation and will determine whether the incident is consistent with policy and the law.”


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