Black Teen Girl Mistaken For Machete-Wielding Man

A Black teen was brutally arrested after an officer mistook her for an 180-pound bald man.

The text you are going to read may seem ridiculous but it’s America’s reality…

According to The Bakersfield, a month ago BPD Sgt. Ryan Kroeker somehow mistook 19-year-old Tatyana Hargrove for a machete-wielding suspect who had come out of the Grocery Outlet Bargain Market on Ming and Ashe avenues after threatening several people, according to the report. As a result, the Black teen was punched in the mouth by the officer, bitten by a police K9 and arrested.

“He [the officer] put his other knee on my head, and I told him, ‘I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe’ and I started yelling out: ‘Somebody help me, somebody help me, they’re going to kill me,’” Hargrove said in the video, which received more than 225,000 views in eight hours and attracted hundreds of comments expressing frustration and anger.

The arresting officer, Christopher Moore, said in a police report obtained by The Californian that he didn’t know Hargrove was a woman until after she was handcuffed, though the original suspect,  Douglas Washington, was described in multiple police reports from June 18 as a 25- to 30-year-old man, bald, about 170 pounds standing at 5 feet 10 inches. He was wearing a white t-shirt, dark jeans and a pink or red backpack that contained the machete.

At the moment of arrest the 115-pound Black teen, who stands 5 feet 2 inches, was wearing a baggy white shirt, blue jean shorts and a black hat.

“She appeared to be a male and matched the description of the suspect that had brandished the machete and was also within the same complex the suspect had fled to,” Moore wrote in his report. He thought she had a weapon in her bag.


Officers searched her and the backpack but found no weapons, according to the report.

Once Hargrove was in the backseat of the patrol car, Moore asked her name. “Tatyana,” she said.

“Don’t lie to me, that’s a girl’s name. What is your name?” Moore asked.

“I’m a girl, I just don’t dress like one,” she responded.

“This was when I first discovered she was a female,” Moore wrote in his report.

Any comments? I guess none… Though I guess there must be something very very wrong with officer Moor’s eyesight and hearing that should definitely prevent him from being a part of police.

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