Rapper Prodigy Memorial Removed

Repeated attacks by the vandal prompted the removal of rapper Prodigy mural in Queensbridge.

We reported to you that a mural for recently deceased rap pioneer Prodigy of Mobb Deep was defaced with white paint less than 24 hours after it went up in Queens.

Brooklyn rapper Cormega, who collaborated with Mobb Deep, shared a photo of the defaced mural on Instagram Saturday, saying, “This is some sucker s—t.”

@Regrann from @thehoneydark – Yep….Still shining DESPITE your disrespect! Now @jeffhenriquezart_ and @elementsofstyle_nyc have to redo this hard work! Blessings to everyone who was involved with creating this and F— whomever disrespected it! #prodigymural #ripprodigy #mobbdeep #mobbdeepforever #hiphop #family #love – #regrann

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According to The Grapevine, the two artists who created it, Jeff Henriquez and Eli “Eli-Eos” Lazare, on Sunday painstakingly restored the lifelike image, which had been placed across the street from the infamous projects where rapper Prodigy grew up in Queens, N.Y.

However, DNAinfo New York reports that by Monday, and after a 15-hour restoration, someone had splattered the mural with red paint this time.

These bastards done did it again I don’t know if supposed to be some sort of symbolism white paint then red paint but this is fucking disgrace. I don’t want to beat this in the head. But why people can’t respect the dead. They’ve done murals of Prodigy in Dallas, and in Cali all the way out and Europe but this happens in Queensbridge. Is it because Prodigy wasn’t originally from there? He embodied Queensbridge. He embodied that energy of that whole neighborhood. This is some sucker shit for real. Smh. #ProdigyForever #ProdigyMural #HipHopLivesOn

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Unfortunately, the piece has since been painted over in solid black, and Lazare said he has no plans to repaint the mural.



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