Federal Court Calls for 13 NC Districts to be Redrawn, Says Black Voting Power Was Diluted

The North Carolina primaries are next month, yet there are legal battles over the election process of the state

The North Carolina’s ID law has been challenged in a lawsuit due to the fact that it has alienated black voting rights. The federal court ruled on Friday that 13 congressional districts must be redrawn within two weeks and the purpose of this is to dilute Black voting power.

“This ruling by all three judges is a vindication of our challenge to the General Assembly of North Carolina writing racially biased ‘apartheid’ voting districts to disenfranchise the power of the African-American vote,” Rev. William Barber, head of North Carolina’s NAACP chapter, said.

The North Carolina’s ID law states that state residents must show a government-issued ID to vote and the ID must exactly match their voter registration. A lawsuit has been filed by NAACP to accuse the law for making it difficult for Blacks and Latino residents to vote. Their explanation was that the voter ID law was made to prevent voter fraud. Now, this makes me wonder if Black and Latino residents are fraud since it eliminates them.

“Their claims of fraud were fraudulent in and of themselves,” said Barber in a phone interview with The LA Times. “It’s a very smooth way of trying to continue to hold on to the ‘solid South’ through election and voter suppression and trickery.”

Meanwhile, not all judicial members are in support of this ‘Voting Rights Act’. Chief Justice John Roberts said the Voting Rights Act was no longer necessary because racism was a thing of the past.

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