Twitter Users Mock Dreaded Klansman

Twitter users were sincerely surprised to see a KKK member wearing dreadlocks.

According to The Grapevine, At a recent KKK rally in Charlottesville, Va., in which hundreds of protesters dwarfed the 50 or so bigots bitching about a Robert E. Lee statue, a photo emerged of a young Klansman with locs.


The BBC reports that the photo, taken by recent UVA graduate DeVante Cunningham, immediately went viral, with many expressing a higher than usual level of WTF-ness.


“Me and my friend were in total disbelief,” said Cunningham. “We really couldn’t believe we had just seen a klansman with dreads. We’re looking at the KKK here, and dreadlocks are basically a symbol of African culture. It was really weird to see.” Twitter users didn’t hesitate to express their opinions.


Cunningham says he tried to engage the man (and yes, Cunningham is African American, his name is DeVante, the very same as the cute one from Jodeci and the new baby on black-ish, albeit spelled “Devonte”), but the racist refused to speak to him.


Apparently, there were a few on social media who tried to defend Ratty Dread’s actions by saying that the style was not “owned” by any particular group but come on, now. Do we have to break out the history books?


We can speak about one of the most disgusting examples of cultural appropriation when people claiming to hate some race and some culture continues to exploit it and benefit from it… But we are sorry to acknowledge that the man in the picture is just an idiot – he didn’t make a mistake choosing his hair style, he made it choosing his racist views.

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