Handcuffed Man Mauled By K9

Cops hold handcuffed man down as K9 rips him to shreds.

“I’m comfortable. I’m comfortable,” the shirtless, shoeless man is heard to repeat over and over but the cops refuse to give the dog the release command.

The video, taken and uploaded by Facebook user Angel Nunez, was posted with the following description, “So today at work I was able to capture this go down. This K-9 officer had no control of his K-9. There is something definitely wrong with this picture. The officer doesn’t seem to have the proper training. Also, that dog is not well trained…”

According to The Free Thought Project, Nunez also posted another video that showed a bit of what happened prior to the man being put into handcuffs. In the brief first video, the man clearly appears to have some mental issues. He is unarmed, wearing nothing but shorts, and walking in the street, when the officer unleashes the dog on him.

“Snap clip I captured……clearly you hear the Officer scream a command in a distinctive language at the K-9. why was the same command not giving to release the suspect????” Nunez wrote to Facebook.

The scene is so horrifying that onlookers begin yelling at the officers to get their K9 under control. Instead of helping to remove the K9 from the handcuffed man’s arm, the other officers held him down and yelled at the witnesses to “get back!”

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