Philadelphia Neo-Nazi Cop Exposed At BLM Protest

On Wednesday photos surfaced on social media exposing Philadelphia police officer, Ian Hans Lichterman as a neo-Nazi.


Officer Ian Hans Lichterman was on duty during a BLM protest which took place at the time the Democratic National Convention was being held in July. It was at the protest that photos which openly displayed various tattoos linking him to Nazism were taken. It is reported that he’d been previously exposed as a member of a Neo-Nazi group.

Understandably, the photos have been met with a lot of outrage, as many wonder how a person with known ties to a hate group could get a job in the police force. Police are supposed to protect citizens of the U.S. So then, how can a person with such predisposition could be admitted into the force? This is one of the most burning questions on the lips of many people.


A lot of people in the 21st century are disgusted by the many crimes the Nazi committed in pursuit of supremacy. After the Second World War, all surviving Nazi’s went into hiding, and most of them out of shame never let their children, grandchildren know they were ever affiliated with the Nazi.


Abhorrence is what most people feel when they find someone they know is a neo-Nazi. Therefore, it is appalling to find out the American Police force have Fascist Nazis as employees. In a time when the public is growing increasingly nervous around cops, having Nazis on the force definitely, will do more damage.

How are Blacks supposed to trust the police? In fact, how is any minority group supposed to trust the police? Police officers are supposed to be unbiased and fair. Hence, harboring known members of hate groups on the force shows that country’s law enforcement doesn’t really care about being unbiased or fair. This definitely sends the wrong message to the masses in a time when the public already don’t trust the police.

Source: telesurtv

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