August 2016, Chicago’s Deadliest Month In More Than 20 Years

August has been a deplorable month for Chicagoans, with crime steadily rising at record rates, all amidst declining trust between citizens and CPD.

This year according to the CPD crime statistics report, there have been 474 homicide victims, and 2,346 shooting incidents. In August alone according to the report, there have been 92 deaths, and the number of shootings has doubled since the last year.

The shootings reported mostly occurred in the West and South sides of Chicago, mostly involving Black people. The surge of violence comes at a time when the CPD has been put under intense scrutiny, with some of its policies being seriously questioned. The Justice Department has been investigating the police department over some of the conducts of its officers that have led to distrust between the public and the police department.

An astonishing number of the homicides this year have been African-Americans, and most of them have died in police custody, or while being arrested by officers. It certainly looks like a manhunt, but it has done nothing to reduce the crime rate, as the police seem reluctant to go after real criminals and are instead terrorizing average citizens.

Police protection seems to have excluded African-Americans who make up one-third of the population in Chicago, the only way most African-Americans can protect themselves is to exercise their Second Amendment right. The streets that are our homes and safe haven have been turned into a war zone, and soft government policies together with the police outrage are largely responsible for the deplorable state of things.

Source: NYTimes

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