This Is How It’s Like #BeingBlackAtClemson

Black Students at Clemson University say they are disappointed and furious after a bunch of bananas was seen hanging on a banner commemorating black history on their campus on Monday morning.

HuffPost reported that an unknown citizen of Clemson hanged a bunch of bananas on a banner commemorating black history on the university’s campus, and this had outraged leading black students of Clemson to a big protest.

According to HuffPost, the culprit placed the bananas on the lamppost and wrote “#BeingBlackAtClemson means waking up to bananas hanging from a sign in front of the university’s plantation house” after which it was tweeted. This uncomfortable situation triggered students and faculty to follow suit with the hashtag #BeingBlackAtClemson, expressing their rage and raising awareness of racism and discrimination on Clemson campus.

A professor who had this situation at heart aired his view saying, “The banana ceased to exist as a banana the moment someone used it to adorn a sign commemorating African-American history at Clemson.”  “In Saussure’s terminology, the banana becomes a signifier, and the signified it connects to is racism… There is no room for excuses when someone puts a racist symbol on a sign commemorating the often erased history of Black people in Clemson’s history.”

This is a very disheartening situation which should be addressed with immediate effect by the school authorities. It’s hurtful, disrespectful and unacceptable and should not be tolerated by the black fraternity.


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