NC’s New Law Changes Procedure On How To Get Dash Cam Video

North Carolina’s Governor, Pat McCroy has moved for the passage of a new law that changes the procedures on how to get access to police video.

By October 1st, North Carolina’s new law will deny the public from getting access to police videos in case the need arises. The law mandates the release of any police video only upon the order of a judge.

Gov. Pat McCroy who appended his signature to the law stated that it will strike a balance in “public trust” with the security and rights of police officers. During a press conference to brief the inhabitants about the new law, McCroy said, “One viewpoint of a video doesn’t often always tell the whole story.”

He further added that ““The angles can make a difference, and [you’re] not hearing [the sound] often in the video, so that [adds to] the complexity. The video is one piece of evidence. We have to be careful.”

The passage of this law comes in a wake when the North Carolina Governor declared a state of emergency in his state following series of protests after police shot and killed Keith Lamont Scott. Protesters asked for a police video to ascertain their reason for shooting the Black man.

The executive director of the ALCU’s North Carolina chapter, Karen Anderson described the new development in the state as “disgraceful.” He was of the view that the passage of the law was unnecessary at this moment when the relationship between the police and community is at a volatile stage.

In a statement, Anderson said that “What we already know is that far too many people of color are victims of wrongful targeting and excessive use of force by law enforcement officers across the country.”

Gradually, the public is being made more helpless in front of the police. When there have been series of complaints concerning the excessive power and protection given the law enforcement, North Carolina has led the way by further stripping its citizens’ rights to demand transparency. Is it a license for the police to kill and now walk away unnoticed? They now need no justification to kill because they owe no one any explanation. How sad? What a country to live in if you are Black!

Source: TheRoot
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