Richmond County Jail Inmate Tasered From The Back By The Deputies

The video shows Carlos Seals standing against the wall with his hands behind his back before he was tasered by the jail deputies.

A recently released video of an incident that happened in August 2015 shows that Richmond County jail deputies shot a Black man with a stun gun while he was standing against the wall, even though he wasn’t resisting nor was he combative against the deputies. However, the video directly contradicts a police report which said that Seals was aggressive.

Seals admitted to using swear words toward the jail deputies during the incident, but as soon as they ordered him to stand against the wall and put his hands behind his back, he obeyed and did what he was told to do, as the video shows.

Just moments after Seals put his hands behind his back, the deputies approached him, holding their taser guns and within seconds, they shot him. He fell to the floor and hit his head.

“I watched him come through the door and he say, ‘Pop his a**.’ As soon as [he] said that, dude shot me back,” Seals said. “I screamed, and everything was over with,” he added.

In an initial police report filed by the Richmond County jail deputies, they claimed that Seals was aggressive and wasn’t following orders. The report also said that one of the deputies used his stun gun, but it didn’t connect. So, the other deputy decided to use his stun gun on Seals because he continued to be aggressive.

“None of those facts applied,” said DeKalb County-based attorney Anita Lamar of Seals. “He was in the surrender position.”

“I’d rather go by the video rather than what they say is on the video. You don’t shoot a dart and then run electricity through the dart unless they are violently resisting you,” added Craig Jones, of the Orlando Firm.

On behalf of Seals, Both attorneys filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the jail deputies involved in the incident. Deputies Donnie Crawford and Christopher Alexis are accused of the unlawful use of excessive force against Seals. Since the emergence of the video, Crawford has been fired, but no disciplinary action has been taken against Alexis.

We hear about police brutality every other day, but here the applied methods are more outrageous than the fact of violence itself. Law enforcement shoot, beat, taser and harass people with no reason. Somehow they prefer to shoot the unarmed, beat the handcuffed, taser the obedient and harass the helpless. As a result of such treatment at the hands of the people, who are supposed to serve the examples of fairness and reason, Seals suffered head injuries and has incurred a $20,000 debt in medical bills.

Source: The Root
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