Stop Police Brutality: Officer Sherry Hall’s Lies Exposed

Investigations have disclosed that 3-months old police officer, Sherry Hall lied about being shot by a Black man.

“The investigation has revealed that there is no, and never was, a suspect at large in Jackson, Georgia,” GBI Special Agent, Joe Wooten said.

It has been revealed that the September 13th incident as reported by Jackson, Ga. police, Sherry Hall is nothing but a merely fabricated story. Hall had reported that, on the night of 13th September, she was shot by a 6-foot, 230-pounds Black man who sat on the side of the road.

According to the police Chief James Morgan at the time of the alleged shooting incidence, the assumed Black man became argumentative at the point Hall stepped out of her vehicle. He said, “And at some point, he pulled a weapon and fired one round in her direction, striking her in the lower abdomen area of her body armor.”

Hall further told Morgan that she was able to fire back before the Black man bolted. Hall also added that she was taken to a hospital for treatment.

Hall’s lies came to light after subsequent investigations which revealed that all she has been telling the police was pure lies and nothing of such ever occurred.

She initially said that she failed to record so there wasn’t any audio or visual evidence. This story was also discovered to be false through a digital forensic investigations conducted.

Hall was placed on administrative leave with pay after she purported that lie. But Wooten said she will be arrested once she is released from the hospital.

“For two weeks this incident has cast an image of the city of Jackson that does not reflect who we are,” Mayor Kay Pippen said.

Hall has since been slapped with charges of four felonies.

It’s amazing how these racist cops find their way into the police service. This is a disgrace to the police and she must be made to face the punishment. Hall went out of her way in raising a false alarm which created fear and panic in the city and also makes Black people an object of a target by the police. With this level of systematic racism, how can the police stop brutality against Black people? This isn’t the kind of cops we pay to have! This isn’t the society we desire to live in!

Source: TheRoot
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