Keith Scott Shooting Case: Police Video Still Disproves Initial Claim

A video released by the police which was supposed to answer questions surrounding the shooting of Black man, Keith Scott still leaves many in doubt.

So we all should be familiar with the circumstances surrounding the altercation with the police that led to the death of Keith Scott. But for those who aren’t a quick recap.

Plainclothes police officers were out investigating an unrelated crime when they claimed to have seen Scott rolling and smoking marijuana in a white SUV; they ignored him until they saw that he had a weapon with him. It was at this point they went and donned marked vests and proceeded to arrest Scott who was still in the SUV. Things spiraled from there and Keith Scott ended up dead.

Police claim Keith Scott had a gun, but his wife can be heard yelling in the background that he doesn’t have a gun. The dashboard cam footage released by the police also doesn’t show whether he had anything in his hand. The police still claimed that Keith Scott acted in a way that put their lives in danger. However, the video captured on the dashboard camera shows him backing away from the direction of the officer that fired the fatal shots.

Justin Bamberg, lawyer for Scott’s family still thinks the video from the police doesn’t prove their initial claim. He said, “There is no definitive evidence in this video as to whether or not there is an object in his hand, and if there is, what that object is.” He also added, “But what we do know is that the moment Mr. Scott is shot, it appears as though he’s not aggressively moving toward law enforcement; he’s actually doing the opposite. He’s passively stepping back.”

Videos such as these are supposed to corroborate the facts of a case as laid out by the police. Conversely, this video has left us with more questions than answers. Keith Scott’s hands remained at his sides from what could be seen, if he indeed did have a weapon, at no point did he point it at the police. So was the officer justified in shooting him? We do not know, but we’ll monitor this story as other facts regarding the incident come to light.

Source: NBC Miami

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