Charleston Church Shooter To Be Tried By Jurors Pre-Selected On Monday

The Jury selection process is set to commence in the trial of Charleston Church shooter, Dylann Roof.

Attorneys in Charleston, South Carolina will be meeting with about 250 probable jurors in order to taper the list down to the final 12 who will all be on the jury in Dylann Roof’s federal trial, which is set for November 7.

Dylann Roof, 22, is charged with nine counts of murder and firearms charges in the shooting deaths at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston. Roof, who, guided by white supremacism, entered the historically Black church and killed 9 people during a bible study, stated that he committed this crime in order to provoke the Black community and incite a race war.

Attorneys will sort through almost 3,000 potential jurors in the process of bringing their number down to 12 jurors, and 6 additional alternates. The hearing begins this week, with the attorneys expecting over half of the potential jurors to present excuses to the court to try to exempt themselves.

A case-specific questionnaire will be presented to the remainder of the potential jurors after several hearings have taken place with about 80 potential jurors per hearing. Those who receive the questionnaire will have to be present in court in November for the last part of the selection process.

In an investigation into the case, the investigators unearthed manifestos written by Roof, where he proclaimed being a white supremacist; a list of church buildings was also found in the 22-year-old’s car.

Roof is just one of the many racist white people in this country, but he took a very bold step to show everyone how vile and evil a supremacist could be by murdering innocent people in the house of God. As time goes by, many people tend to forget about his horrible crime, being distracted by routine issues and upcoming elections. However, the community is patiently waiting for the day his hearing begins as he must face maximum punishment for his crimes. Follow us in order to get the most recent updates on the case.

Source: The Grio
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