Good Cop Receives Death Threats After Exposing Racist Police Chief

A courageous officer exposed a racist police chief who described African Americans as “monkeys” and “worse”. Subsequently the good cop fears for his life as he receives numerous death threats.

Alex Stone, a good cop has received death threats from some cowards after he exposed the racist police chief Marvin Hoover.

The 56-year-old police chief who should know better is said to have described Blacks as monkeys and worse. Mysteriously, the bad old Marvin Hoover voluntarily stepped down and was awarded a paid vacation.

We first congratulate Alex Stone on his distinguished bravery and disapprobation of Black discrimination. America needs courageous cops of his caliber who will stand for the truth even at gun point. He has shown his love for humanity irrespective of color and place of origin.

Alex Stone must be honored for his bravery and for standing for what is right. We enjoin other cops to emulate him against all odds. We ask for an adequate protection of his life.

Moreover, we are disappointed in the attitude of the 56-year-old police Chief Marvin Hoover for his discriminatory and inhuman comment about Blacks.

Marvin Hoover has shown his intellectual deficit and does not deserve to be a police chief. He is an epitome of sheer hatred against Blacks and has proved his support for Black brutality by cops. We demand grave sanctions for his reckless comments.

He can’t just make such distasteful comments and voluntarily go home with administrative paid leave. He must be punished now to serve as a deterrent to other feebleminded cops like him.

It is evident that Alex Stone is being hit on so hard by the persons behind the threats. We believe that such threats and all are the result of a very corrupt system.

It therefore renders that it is unsafe to be a good cop in such a bad system. If indeed we need a boost in the number of good cops, this corrupt system must be changed.

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