Settlement Reached Between City And Family of Man Who Was Tased And Killed By Cops In Jail

In December 2012, a 38- year- old mentally ill man, Philip Coleman, was tased 16 times which resulted to his death in Chicago police custody.

Coleman was taken into police custody after he attacked his mother at their home during one of his severe mental breakdown. The police knowing of his mental condition took Coleman to jail although his family asked that he was admitted in the mental hospital.

An unclosed settlement was made between the family of Philip Coleman and the city after surveillance footage of the moments leading to Coleman’s death was made public.

Officer Keith Kirkland and Sgt. Tommy Walker were the cops responsible for the incident.

United States District Judge, Matthew Kennelly said they “chose to use brute force when it was no longer necessary”.

Coleman’s murder incident was one of the several “executive- style” murders by cops in the United States. There have been several such cases within the past few years.

Prisoners are people locked away and totally out of site, but yet they are most vulnerable people in society who should be overseen by prison guards. Sad enough they are being abused and brutalized by these same guards.

Prisons are correction facilities and not execution facilities. Most prisoners are incarcerated for non-violent offenses and don’t deserve to be brutalized.

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