Black Man Held Down, Punched And ‘Kneed’ By NYPD Cops

An uploaded Instagram video on Friday August 12th, 2016 shows an NYPD detective repeatedly punching and kneeing Black suspect in the head.

In an awful video circulating on social media, an NYPD detective is seen punching and kneeing a Black suspect in the head. In the said video, Darnell Simmons is seen being pressed down by the three cops and one lands the uncountable number of punches on his head to make him restless.

In a report from the police, Simmons was spotted by the detectives as he made his way to the McDonald’s. Simmons was accused of parole violation and a suspect of an avalanche of burglaries.

This isn’t the first time a Black man is being dehumanized and ‘animalized’ by the cop. In all cases, there hasn’t been any rightful justification of Black brutality by the cop.

Howbeit, Simmons brutality was dehumanized and extremely unjustifiable. How can the cops spot Simmons and without any solid prove he is being annihilated for parole violation and a suspect of burglaries? Was there any prove to their allegations?
Was he ‘animalized’ because he is a Black man? Will the same treatment be meted out to the whites? The cops must provide answers to these questions.

America is a democratic country and baseless accusation and lawless treatment of African Americans shouldn’t be tolerated. The cops must know better that they can’t just be accusing Blacks of wrongful doing without any substantial evidence. This baseless accusations and maltreatment of mere suspects must stop. The cops must learn to use common sense in handling such cases.

White police officers think that all black people are criminals. The suspect greatly fought back on what he deemed to be an attack on his personality. We support his mindset of fighting back which actually need to one cop sustaining a broken nose injury.

We petition the concerned police department to conduct a thorough investigation into the issue and subsequently punish the officers accordingly.

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